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Learn how to create lasting desire in your relationship

This short course is for you if any of the following resonates:

  • You are single or in a relationship and you have little or no desire for sex and this lack of sex-drive is bothering you.

  • You are in a relationship and at the beginning you felt a lot of sexual desire for your partner but over time that desire became less and less and you want to want your partner again.

  • You and your partner seem to experience different levels of sexual desire and you’d like to know how to bridge that gap (whether you are the one with the higher or lower libido).

  • The only sexual education you got was on reproduction and STDs and you just want to learn more about how desire works!   

1. Understand Your Desire

Learn the basic science behind desire. Once you understand

how your desire works, you will be able to work with it, not against it, and to communicate it to your partner.

2. Know Your Turn-Ons
& Turn-Offs

Learn how your turn-ons and turn-offs affect your sex-drive. Once you understand your unique functioning, you will be able to create an environment that is conducive to desire, arousal, and pleasure.

3. Becoming

Learn the four pillars to becoming a turned-on person and creating lasting desire in your relationship.

Next Steps

This video tells you what steps you can take to keep up the momentum, and how you can work with me if you want to take this work to the next level.


Click to download your free workbook designed with simple questions and steps you can implement right away to start creating real change.

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Client Testimonials

"I wanted to be in a satisfying relationship some day and I wanted to heal my relationship with intimacy before putting myself out there.

Coaching with Morgane has been a series of first times! First time opening myself up to the idea of pleasure, first time thinking about sex intentionally, first time masturbating, first time feeling pleasure, first time listening to erotica, first time having an orgasm, first time feeling safe in my body, first time visualizing a future relationship that includes a fulfilling sex life… Other than opening myself up to pleasure and the possibility of living a fully vibrant sexuality, the most beautiful and valuable takeaway from my coaching experience has probably been learning to unconditionally love and embrace myself, and the discovery that I am worthy and lovable as I am. Morgane was my safe space. I was terrified to look into this part of me, yet five minutes into our first session I felt at home. I soon looked forward to our weekly time together where I felt seen and held. I never thought I could feel so safe and comfortable opening up on the topic of intimacy. Morgane is the warmest and most loving coach I could have asked for. I am deeply grateful for this transformative work and will forever cherish this special time in my life.”

Tula, 31

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