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I’ve spent my life embarrassing people by talking openly about sex and intimacy – only to wonder why something that comes so naturally to me, was so taboo for others. I knew I wanted to do something about it, I just needed to figure out what. Until I became a Sex & Intimacy Coach…


Pleasure has always been a big theme in my life. When I was 7, my teacher asked to meet with my parents because I had too much sexual energy and it was becoming a “problem”. Followed years of self-pleasure, torrid fantasies and eventually even-better-than-my-wildest-dreams-all-day-long-mind-blowing-f*ck-fests.



Along the way, also came SHAME for wanting sex so much, self-pleasuring so often, yet not being able to be intimate with anyone unless I had feelings. What was wrong with me? All my friends were doing it – why do I need an emotional connection?  


Often came PAIN for not understanding why my then partner would always come and I, almost never. Was something wrong with me? Why couldn’t I come?  


Everybody was talking about the big O, the G-spot and whatever mysterious thing I had never experienced, reinforcing my INADEQUACY as all I ever felt was a mild release of tension. Was that an orgasm? Would I ever have a real one? Was I doing it wrong?


Not to mention my HATRED towards my body, which often kept me from letting go and fully connecting with myself.


And boy was I TORN between my Faith, and my strong sexual energy. I sure hoped God would forgive my weakness for having had sex outside of marriage, for pleasuring myself when I knew sex was only meant to be shared and not experienced alone, for watching porn sometimes, for thinking about and enjoying pleasure so much... But why did a lot that I was told from spiritual leaders and people around me sound like it did not come from God but from purity culture designed to scare, control and shame me? Could I be right, was it possible that none of this was God’s message? Or was I just a bad Catholic and was destined to be forever broken and incomplete because bits of my soul were attached for eternity to people I had been intimate with?  


And with that came a false sense of pride for being a “whore” in bed who likes all the things, yet having had so few partners (cause I’m not a slut, I’m a GOOD GIRL).


Somehow with time and a lot of self-awareness, I was able to step away from shame and judgment and break free from all that noise, only to discover that nothing was wrong with me. Quite the contrary! And the magic happened. I was able to fully embrace myself and create the sex life I was wired for.


When I discovered coaching, I had it all on paper. I was 31, had graduated in law from the best universities in the UK and the US. I spoke 4 languages fluently, had lived in over six countries. I was raising the most amazing boy. My career was right on track – I had previously owned my own business for years and was now working as a lobbyist in the EU Bubble – most recently for the American Government. I was doing pretty well by most standards.


Yet I felt that my life was excruciatingly unfulfilling and painfully average. I was ticking all the boxes but didn’t love my life. I was constantly hoping to feel better when I would change jobs, get the next promotion, move to the next country, meet more inspiring people... I knew I wanted more from life and I wasn’t going to settle. But my perfectionist thinking, and the weight of my anxiety were exhausting me. That’s when I decided to invest in coaching – if I could accomplish all that I did with an unmanaged mind, imagine how I could feel and what I could achieve once I broke free from all that was keeping me from accessing my full potential.




Thanks to coaching, I was finally able to understand and explain what I was instinctively creating in my sex life. It’s only when I applied the coaching tools to other areas of my life and saw the impact, that I was able to draw a parallel with what I was naturally creating in my intimacy. I finally had a method, something I could explain and share with others to help them create the sex life and intimacy they had been yearning for. Because guess what, great sex is not something that just happens to you without your control, you create it!  Aaaaaand, I was able to take my sexuality and intimacy to yet a new level, which I didn’t think was even possible.


And the best thing is, it is only the beginning…


morgane 4.jpg

I want that for you

I want you to feel turned on and powerful. I want you to feel deeper lasting pleasure. I want you to create a stronger connection with your partner. I want you to feel sexy and love your body unconditionally.  Nobody should be in pain or feel broken because they don’t know how to create the deep connection and pleasure that their body and mind are longing for.

Your sexuality is inherent to your being and your body is naturally wired to seek and receive pleasure. We just need to get you to tune into that part of yourself and bring it back to life!

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