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I hired Morgane as a single person because I wanted to be in a satisfying relationship some day and I wanted to heal my relationship with intimacy before putting myself out there. Pleasure was a foreign country to me! I grew up in a conservative setting where there was no talk about sex, much less about pleasure. I had experienced sexual trauma and had buried it so deep that I didn’t even know what to do with the shame I was feeling.


Coaching with Morgane has been a series of first times! First time opening myself up to the idea of pleasure, first time thinking about sex intentionally, first time masturbating, first time feeling pleasure, first time listening to erotica, first time having an orgasm, first time feeling safe in my body, first time visualizing a future relationship that includes a fulfilling sex life…  Other than opening myself up to pleasure and the possibility of living a fully vibrant sexuality, the most beautiful and valuable takeaway from my coaching experience has probably been learning to unconditionally love and embrace myself, and the discovery that I am worthy and lovable as I am. I used to think that so much was wrong with me. I never felt like I belonged and always felt like everyone else around me was smarter, more fun, prettier, more desirable… To be accepted, I would mold myself into what I thought others wanted me to be, so much so that I didn’t know who I was anymore.  


Morgane was my safe space. I was terrified to look into this part of me, yet five minutes into our first session I felt at home. I soon looked forward to our weekly time together where I felt seen and held. I never thought I could feel so safe and comfortable opening up on the topic of intimacy. Morgane is the warmest and most loving coach I could have asked for. I am deeply grateful for this transformative work and will forever cherish this special time in my life.


I now understand why the program is called Beyond Great Sex! I got so much more than that. I healed my relationship with myself, my body, my intimacy. I held my inner child in my arms, I healed childhood scars and rewrote my past. I changed my relationship with my mother. I feel like there is nothing I can’t do today, nothing is too scary now that I own the most intimate, sacred and raw part of me.  

Tula, 31

I was really wanting to want sex again and to stop avoiding it. I wanted to feel alive again, connected to myself and my desire. I was shut down, not just physically, but emotionally toward myself and my partner. I was feeling like we were becoming like friendly roommates (a fear of mine). I experienced an ongoing crisis, some PTSD & subsequent recovery over the past few years. It left me sort of numb and reeling in not knowing myself. I wasn’t able to go near my vulnerability, and therefore my strength.

In coaching with Morgane I discovered I had hidden shame from my youth, impacting the thoughts I have about my current self. Even though I thought those didn’t affect me anymore, they did. Once I saw how this became a pillar of my identity, I was able to allow it to crumble. This in tandem with having practices for stoking my own desire led to the understanding  that my desire, my body, my sexuality belong to me and me first, then I can share with a partner. Which has been nothing short of life changing. I own myself now, it is incredibly freeing and powerful.

I adore Morgane’s matter of fact approach to talking about all things sexuality, it made being coached by her so open and direct. I felt there was not a subject I couldn’t speak about.

If you are on the fence about making this investment, I say get off the fence! Solving intimacy issues is foundational to every aspect of living a full life and stepping into your power. This work is so much more than what you think it’s going to be. By that I mean, yes you will solve the issues you are bringing to coaching, but in the discovery and solutions so much more of your life will be affected positively.

Robin, 58

I was feeling desperate before starting the program. I felt like sex had never been easy for me and was like a minefield. I had never had an orgasm with a partner and I wasn’t sure if I had ever orgasmed on my own. I was avoiding sex altogether because it wasn’t very pleasurable and brought up all my insecurities. I decided to get coached because my partner expressed that he wanted more intimacy and I was afraid the relationship would eventually end if I couldn’t meet his needs.


After coaching with Morgane, where do I start?! Everything has changed. For starters I love sex now! Just that in itself is incredible. I remember saying at the very start of the program that I was doing it to salvage my relationship but that if it were up to me I would be happy to never have sex again. When I think about it now, it seems so crazy to me! I had no idea how disconnected I was from my own body and how unsafe my body felt because of past experiences and the way I was treating myself. I also had so many preconceptions about sex and pleasure, and deeply rooted beliefs about myself that were preventing me from fully enjoying my life. I now look forward to having sex with my partner, I experience pleasure, I’ve had many orgasms and I know many more will follow! I have learned to love sex for me first, and this has brought us closer together than ever.


Morgane is an amazing coach! She analyses things with such depth and precision. It wasn’t my first coaching experience, but this was next level. Also, I can’t think of anyone who could make this topic more fun or more approachable than she does. I felt completely comfortable and supported.


Best investment ever!

Liz, 37

Morgane is an amazing coach for many reasons but here are just a few: she is able to see my unique potential, and she genuinely wants to help. She presents other perspectives that opened my mind to other possibilities. She is not afraid to say the hard things but is also compassionate. Most of all, Morgane has a passion for empowering women to love themselves more and live their best lives. I would recommend her to anyone who want to unleash their potential.

Tori, 43

I really wanted to understand why I wasn't interested in sex with my partner, who is kind and loving and just wants me to enjoy myself. I wanted to unlock why and to see if I could solve 'what was wrong with me' (spoiler alert: nothing). I did not feel like I had any libido. I felt bad about continuously disappointing my partner and I felt that there was something seriously wrong with me for not wanting sex. 


After coaching with Morgane I feel at peace. I now understand the role past trauma had to play and I have the tools to confront it. I feel like it's really all very simple! The biggest change for me is the lack of guilt and self-blame. Things happened to me (things involving withdrawal of consent that happened to most my female friends) and if that makes me feel afraid then that's OK. It's not my fault. 


I really appreciated that it was a four month programme, which is a defined timeline but doesn't sound like a too crazy commitment. I definitely see growth - I have stopped the inner critic from spiralling and telling me I'm all wrong and all useless, instead I treat myself with kindness, which has really opened me up to the realm of pleasure. It was fantastic to have my partner be coached as well. He feels much more confident and much less rejected. Both of us have grown through the experience. 


I loved Morgane's engagement throughout and clear commitment to and passion for her work. The summaries after each section were fantastic - so thoughtful and really hit the nail on the head. She's kind and patient and shares just enough of herself to be relatable while always keeping the focus on what you've come with. 


I was on the fence about investing myself but I have no regrets. I really needed to dig deeper and treat my past with compassion and love, and no price can be put on making progress on your own sexual pleasure journey. 

Maria, 36

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