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  • Feel your sexual power and unleash your inner sexual goddess/badass

  • Be a turned-on woman. You will know what lights up that fire inside you and how to create more desire at all times

  • Love having sex with yourself and your partner

  • Know how to create more and deeper pleasure for yourself

  • Enjoy exploring new things, alone and with your partner

When you work with me you will:

  • Know who you are, what you want and have the confidence to ask for it

  • No longer feel guilt for prioritising yourself and your pleasure

  • Understand and love your boundaries

  • Be in awe of yourself and your unlimited potential

  • Feel a deeper connection than ever with yourself and your partner

  • Love and cherish your body

  • Realise how incredibly amazing you are!

And that’s just the sex part! You will also:

When you work with me, great sex is only the beginning.
We're going beyond! 


And we will achieve all of that by:

  • Exploring your thoughts and beliefs about sex and intimacy

  • Getting you to know what your body responds to, starting by understanding your anatomy

  • Discussing new and alternative sexual practices (if that’s what you want)

  • Creating more sexual intimacy with your partner, no matter where you find yourselves at right now

  • Building up some serious self-love and body-confidence

  • Weeding out the unhelpful stuff you have been fed and have been practicing without even noticing

  • Looking at different sex toys and accessories and how you can introduce them into your sexual routine (if this is something you want)

  • AND just answering any questions you might have. Seriously, there is nothing that you can’t tell me. I’m all in!

Client Testimonials

"I wanted to be in a satisfying relationship some day and I wanted to heal my relationship with intimacy before putting myself out there.

Coaching with Morgane has been a series of first times! First time opening myself up to the idea of pleasure, first time thinking about sex intentionally, first time masturbating, first time feeling pleasure, first time listening to erotica, first time having an orgasm, first time feeling safe in my body, first time visualizing a future relationship that includes a fulfilling sex life… Other than opening myself up to pleasure and the possibility of living a fully vibrant sexuality, the most beautiful and valuable takeaway from my coaching experience has probably been learning to unconditionally love and embrace myself, and the discovery that I am worthy and lovable as I am. Morgane was my safe space. I was terrified to look into this part of me, yet five minutes into our first session I felt at home. I soon looked forward to our weekly time together where I felt seen and held. I never thought I could feel so safe and comfortable opening up on the topic of intimacy. Morgane is the warmest and most loving coach I could have asked for. I am deeply grateful for this transformative work and will forever cherish this special time in my life.”

Tula, 31

DSC05419-Edit MD.jpg

Because I believe in your unlimited
(sexual) potential

If you really want to create the sex life of your dreams, you will succeed. Because there is nothing you truly want that you cannot achieve. You just have to be willing to make it a priority, go all in on yourself and be open to feeling the awkwardness and all the weird that comes from doing new things and stepping out of your comfort zone. And really, how comfortable is it right now? My guess is not very… Otherwise you wouldn’t be here.

Why you should prioritise your pleasure

Wanting a passionate, deeply connected, mind-blowing sex life doesn’t make you frivolous.


We are taught to work towards the important things in life. That includes our education, career, family, marriage, children… somehow sexual wellness is never on the list. Great sex is just icing on the cake, right? A nice to have, but if it doesn’t “happen” to you, well, you have so much already… don’t be ungrateful.


I want you to consider that your pleasure is inherent to your being. When that part of you is unfulfilled, it has an impact on other areas of your life.


A pleasured woman is radiant, powerful, assertive. It shows in the way she walks the streets, how she interacts with friends and colleagues, how she raises her children, how she connects with her spouse… Because she doesn’t deny herself pleasure, she is able to be more present and invested in all aspects of her life.

Nobody benefits from you denying yourself pleasure

You are worth the investment

I could carry on with a list of reasons why this work matters and all that it will positively impact in your life. I could tell you that pleasuring yourself will increase your work productivity, helping you achieve your career goals. That pleasure releases endorphins which contribute to reducing stress, allowing you to be a calmer, more patient mother. I could tell you that owning your sexuality and loving your body will bring you closer to your partner... and that is all true.


But what I want you to realise is that you don't need any other reason than to know that YOU ARE WORTH THE INVESTMENT. You deserve to invest in yourself, in your wellbeing, in your happiness, in your self-confidence, in your pleasure. The rest is just icing on the cake.

You were given a body designed for pleasure.
Give yourself permission to enjoy it!

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