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Do you believe you can have the sex life of your wildest dreams? Passionate, deeply connected, mindblowing... Or is there something that comes to mind telling you that you cannot have it, or that it is out of reach?

We all have beliefs about sex and intimacy. These beliefs either serve us and allow us to create the pleasure and connection we are longing for, or they come in the way. If you find the latter to be true, I am not surprised. You are bound to have limiting beliefs about intimacy given that you have evolved in a society which does not teach, promote or value female pleasure.

By choosing the thoughts you wish to uphold, and letting go of the ones that do not serve you, you can reprogram your brain to create sex-positive beliefs that will allow you to create the sex life you wish to have.

Do you feel sexually dissatisfied and wish that your partner would do something differently? Perhaps you enjoy something that your partner doesn’t, or you want to have sex more often than they do. Perhaps you wish they were better at something, or be willing to try new things... Do you ever think that they don't know how to please you? Or perhaps that they are unwilling to meet your needs despite you having repeatedly told them what you like?

If any of this resonates with you, I've got you! I am going to run you through my 5-step process to help you gain clarity so that you can make the best decision for yourself.

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Want to build a passionate and deeply connected sex life? No matter where you are, these five tips will help you build a solid foundation for more pleasure.

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